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Fernor walnut seedlings have increased demand in recent years due to their ability to be planted in high altitude places in our country and to adapt to difficult climate conditions. You can buy Fernor walnut seedlings with open roots and tubers from Öz Yaşam Nursery with its walnut sapling variety.

Features of Fernor Walnut Tree:

  • Fernor walnut saplings are a kind of French origin.
  • It is a very productive variety that grows strong and semi-steep in the middle.
  • In the fermented walnut, Chandler is good at side branches like walnuts.
  • Fruits are in 1, 2, 3 and 4 forms.

Properties of Fernor Walnut Fruit

  • The weight of Fernor walnuts is 12 gr.
  • The internal efficiency is 49% and the average weight of internal walnuts is 6 gr.
  • The fat ratio is 51% and the protein ratio is 20%.
  • It is a walnut variety that is easy to break off from the crust and is a commercial value.
  • The flavor is very beautiful and is suitable to be consumed as dry and fresh walnuts.
  • The right dusters are Franquette and Fernette walnuts.
  • It is harvested towards the end of September.
Fernor Walnut Sapling-1
Fernor Walnut Sapling-2


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